Glass cutter 

Precision Glass Cutter ULTILE

The ULTILE allows you to easily and accurately cut
many substrates and thicknesses.

Precision Glass Cutter ULTILE

It comes in three sizes (overseas only).
To overseas customers.
If you live in the USA, please contact the following distributors in the USA.


If you live in EU, England, Switzerland, Canada or Australia, use paypal for purchasing the product directly from us.

cut length (mm)

Please buy at least one blade when you purchase a set of ULTILE.

Blade(Wheel cutter)

Blade(Wheel cutter)

We offer 8 different blades for various uses.

type Blade model number Thickness of target substrate
Fine Carbide wheel for Ultra-thin substrate CU 0.15~0.5mm
Fine Carbide wheel for Thin substrate CT 0.5~1.3mm
Fine Carbide wheel for Standard substrate CN 1.1~3.0mm
High penetrating Carbide LASER wheel CL 0.05~2.0mm
Fine Diamond wheel for Ultra-thin substrate DU 0.15~0.5mm
Fine Diamond wheel for Thin substrate DT 0.5~1.3mm
Fine Diamond wheel for Standard substrate DN 1.1~3.0mm
High penetrating Diamond LASER wheel DL 0.05~2.0mm

Fine type will give a very fine cross section.
High penetrating type can be used for a wide range of thicknesses.
Diamond wheel can cut hard materials (quartz, sapphire, SiC, etc).

Blade type

Magnetic Substrate Guide

magnetic substrate guide with the ruler allow you to
easily and accurately control the substrate cut-size
as well as keep the substrate free from contamination
(without having to touch it with your fingers).

Magnetic substrate guide

We recommend you to get two magnetic substrate guides to hold small substrate.

two magnetic holders to hold small substrate.
Easily cut into 25 pieces
Easily cut into 25 pieces!!

You can cut glass, Si, SiC,quartz, sapphire,GaN, etc.

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